We specialise in serving up ludicrously high-end coffee for multi-day programming and tech conferences.

We can either operate as a small part of the event alongside other caterers, serving just espresso and milk based drinks from a stand on the conference floor, or scale all the way up to cater for every beverage related need.

Here are some examples across the spectrum of services we can provide – these are good places to start the conversation as we then tailorĀ our setup for the needs of the specific event.

Simple espresso service

An event with a variety of catering existing, we would simply serve espresso-based drinks (with or without milk). This is our simplest set-up – focusing on doing just one thing and doing it well.

Espresso + Batch

An event which wants a bit more, still sticking to a single stand we would provide both espresso-based drinks (with or without milk) and also have batch brewed coffee for self-serve from the stand. This tends to work quite well during busy times (such as between-sessions) as attendees just wanting black coffee can help themselves.

The cold bar..

Hot day? Outdoors? Why not let us cool people down with our cascara tonics and cold bru? We have a lot to offer on this side of the coin too.

Full coffee service

Working with the venue, we can provide free-flowing self-service coffee across the entire venue as well as installing our espresso bar for those in need of something a bit stronger. This is for conferences that don’t want any bad coffee present at all and provides an amazing experience for all attendees.

We can also provide amazing cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as well as other hot drinks which are up to the same quality as the coffee we serve.