While we hire trusted guest baristas for the larger events, our main service and workflow is led by a partnership of professionals who want to bring the amazing world of speciality coffee out of shops and into conferences across the world.

James Wallace –

A career barista who has spent half his working life behind coffee bars. Prior to starting his own business James trained in some of Scotland’s top coffee shops and is regularly a guest barista in others across the UK. He is a regular competitor in the UK barista championships and is placed in the top 10 in the country.

He now primarily works on his own company, Back to Black Coffee, a Glasgow based pop-up coffee bar.

James regularly writes a coffee/hospitality blog as Coffee Fool and has had articles published in Standart, Caffeine Magazine and the Scottish Independent Coffee Guide

Known for his uncompromising approach to quality and creative caffeinated cocktails based around cascara, James is Bar Manager and Head Barista for all our events.

Rob Ashton –

Rob is a long-time software developer who has come through the path of .NET, JavaScript and these days can be found working on distributed software in Erlang. He has been speaking about his work for the last decade at conferences all over the world and is known for his strong opinions on quality and technology through both his professional blog and his talks.

His work in programming was initially fuelled by coffee, and that fuel eventually developed into a consuming passion.

After spending years as a customer in coffee bars Rob decided to self-train himself to make the most delicious coffee possible at home and a year on he is already widely known across the coffee industry for being knowledgeable, insightful and overly opinionated. 

He has quickly made a name for himself, with posts on his blog, robdoescoffee.com being mandatory reading for many baristas and roasters.